Found: A First-Generation Dodge Viper Is History Worth Preserving

As of the month, the only plant which builds the Dodge Viper will shut its doors permanently. It is not taking a couple of years away to save a little cash, either. The Viper is dead — it is the end of the age.

Dodge Viper 2

This may be the reason why this first-generation 1994 Viper stood out this morning on Bring a Trailer (that the flame engine–reddish paint likely helped a bit( too). Knowing that among America’s most iconic supercars is not any longer has really sparked a romantic opinion, and nobody could be blamed for seriously considering hitting the “place bid” button.

Dodge Viper 3

This was the true draw of the first Viper and it still is 24 decades later. It was created as a very basic and direct approach to feed a requirement for rate. No digital aids, no grip, hell, so it did not even possess airbags. This specific Viper has been optioned using A/C — a genuine luxury whenever you’ve got a boiling-hot V10 pumping away right before you.

Dodge Viper 1

Dodge Vipers, even the more recent ones, are a visceral experience, the type that is tough to get nowadays and is at risk of disappearing entirely as we approach the dawn of entirely autonomous vehicles. Do yourself and the entire world a favor: Select this up Viper, push it, love it, enjoy it. We will soon be residing in a post-Viper planet, and also this 1994 Viper is a slice of American history worth preserving.

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