A Murdered-Out Rolls-Royce Convertible Is Just What Every Midlife-Crisis Supervillain Needs

You really must have a look at the homepage to your newest Dawn Black Badge. Rolls-Royce has included segments titled “A effective Temptation,” “Dark Sensuality,” and “Own The Night” to be able to completely flesh out exactly what their brand new Dark-Knight droptop is all about. It is delightfully campy, such as when Darth Vader took his mask off to show a winking Arnold Schwarzenegger: so over-the-top and borderline self indulgent that you can not help but smile just considering it.

Rolls-Royce 1Rolls-Royce 3

Rollers for a Dark Badge dip feature an extremely unique, profound black paint project to the song of six coats of lacquer and hand polishing. Myriad performance improvements under the darkened body make the cars more athletic: the suspension, brakes and steering rack are all updated for fans.

Rolls-Royce 2

Rolls-Royce, if you are reading, the 1 name you overlooked on the site would be: A New, Sinister Dawn Breaks.

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